College and Career Readiness

Educational Technology and 

Computer Science

The Digital Learning and Computer Science team of the College and Career Readiness Department delivers high-quality instructional technology and computer science services for K-12 educators and students in Sacramento County and across California.

Services for K-12 Educators

Digital Learning

At SCOE, the infrastructure for digital learning in the SCOE Schools continues to be developed through the lens of equitable, accessible, and supported technology use. We believe that all students have a right to integrated and purposeful technology that develops college and career readiness, preparing them with the 21st Century Skills necessary for high wage, high purpose jobs. Additionally, educators and staff have a right to timely, meaningful, and ongoing professional development to support them in the fast-paced, ever-developing world of EdTech. To support this work, professional learning is offered in a variety of formats: 

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 Seasons of CS and the Educator Workforce Investment Grant

In partnership with UCLA, the CDE Foundation, and county offices of education from across California, the Sacramento County Office of Education provides no-cost, year-round computer science professional learning opportunities for K-12 teachers, paraeducators, counselors, and administrators.  Whether computer science is a new field to you or you are an experienced CS teacher, the Seasons of CS professional learning program has offerings that will benefit you.  Participants will receive a financial incentive, made possible by the California Department of Education’s Workforce Investment Grant.

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CS4NorCal promotes equitable access to computer science (CS) education for small and rural schools.  As a professional learning and research project, we proudly serve 35 schools in Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta and Siskiyou counties since June 2021,  The project brings curriculum resources and builds capacity and partnerships to create CS and Work-Based Learning opportunities for students.

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Communities of Practice

In partnership with the Sacramento and Far North Chapters of the Computer Science Teachers Association, the Digital Learning and Computer Science team facilitates monthly virtual and hybrid community of practice meetings.  Elementary, middle, and high school teachers, as well as CS education enthusiasts, are welcome to attend.

Each monthly meeting features a theme, like robotics or cybersecurity, and is designed to:

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The Sacramento County Office of Education is a collaborative partner with the Teacher Innovation Network, a county office consortium offering free, virtual, CoP-style professional learning to all educators. At TIN, our goal is to create space for teacher leaders to connect, create, collaborate, and heal in order to get back to a place of innovation where they can support and inspire one another. 

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Services for K-12 Students

Summer Camps

Each summer, the Sacramento County Office of Education hosts CS summer camps for middle school students living in Sacramento County Office of Education.  Using science, technology, engineering, and math, campers explore the fundamental concepts of programming and environmental literacy through fun and engaging hands-on projects.

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Celebrations and Competitions

Since 2019, the Sacramento County Office of Education has hosted the NorCalCyber Mayors Cup, a cybersecurity competition for middle school, high school, and community college students that are interested in experiencing cybersecurity in a safe, engaging environment.

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Jared Amalong

Director, Digital Learning and Computer Science

Jonathan Rhodea

Curriculum Specialist, Computer Science 

Tawny Reinhardt

Coordinator, Digital Learning and Educational Technology 

Lily Chu

Project Specialist 

Jessica Heidrich

Program Analyst